More than just dabbling

Crypto and the blockchain are transformative

If ever there was going to be a "first post" about something, crypto is a great topic.

We've been dabbling with crypto and the blockchain for several years now. We built a ridiculous set of mining rigs back in 2017 (see image above) and honestly should have just stuck with that. We half-built something called CryptoAthletes that was meant to be like King of the Hill meets NFTs before there were NFTs. Invariably though, we got spooked when the price crashed, when another crazy hack happened, when we saw something scammy happening. Something just seemed "off" with crypto.

Fast-forward to today and crypto is as strong as ever. We experienced the communities and companies that grew out of web1 (open source, traditional e-comm companies) and web2 (mobile, SaaS) and this feels eerily similar. Having spent time at a few of the developer conferences in the last few months, you can feel something palpable around what is happening with web3.

We're building something here at Jump that is going to take web3 into the mainstream. It's a novel concept but one that will be fraught with challenges. We're hoping to bring the ideas of investing and ownership around crypto and NFTs and tie them to physical assets. We firmly believe it is the right of consumers to decide how they would like to participate in this new world and here at Jump, we're going to help them navigate that.