We're a team of startup veterans with various successes (and failures) across web1 and web2. We're building something we think is pretty special in the web3 world.

Oh yeah, we're hiring too.

Bias towards action

We're in an emerging space and we won't always have all of the answers. We do our best based on the information we have to act and then we reassess. Focus on results, not process. We work this way and we look for people who do the same.

Enough with the #winning

What you do is a part of who you are. It's not who you are. We love what we're building but let's be honest; this isn't some kind of cult.

Enough with the hashtags already.

Insert Here

We're going to define this company as we go along. To think we know where this whole space is going to go is delusional. This is an iterative process. However, to not act is to act. So we'd rather execute and then see where it leads.

Soo what are you waiting for?

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