We're a team of startup veterans with various successes (and failures) across web1 and web2. We're building something we think is pretty special in the web3 world.

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Bias towards action

We're in an emerging space and we won't always have all of the answers. We do our best based on the information we have to act and then we reassess. Focus on results, not process. We work this way and we look for people who do the same.


We believe that we're in the early stages of this market and making sure we get as much data as we can out of every transaction we power will help make the next transaction that much more valuable. Always err on the side of data.


We are a team here at Jump. We all depend on one another and will push each other to do better or we'll ask you to move along. Give your all and expect the same from everyone here. "Quiet quit" or "rest & vest" somewhere else. You're working at Jump because you want to be a part of something great and work with a team of passionate people who believe in the same thing. It's not about creating a cult; it's about maximizing your professional time spent on this Earth in the pursuit of a greater joint vision.

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